8.0kW Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioner




Panasonic’s ECONAVI concept applies high precision Sensors and Control Program technologies to optimise air conditioner operation according to room conditions. How does it save energy? By utilising these technologies to detect where energy is normally wasted and self-adjusts cooling/heating power. ECONAVI helps you to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted cooling/heating, comfort and convenience.

Sunlight Detection

ECONAVI detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and judges whether it is sunny or cloudy, daytime or night-time, and reduces the waste of cooling under less sunlight conditions.


AUTOCOMFORT is another new feature designed to keep you comfortable and also save you energy. With one touch of a button, the air conditioner detects room conditions to optimise cooling/heating comfort, and energy-saving operations.

Inverter Control

An inverter air conditioner provides optimum power control, which is impossible for conventional units. The secret lies in the inverter circuit. By changing the frequency of power supply, this circuit alters the rotation speed of the compressor, which is the heart of the air conditioner. The result is comfortable, economical air conditioning.

Mild Dry Cooling

Fine control helps prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. Maintains a Relative Humidity of up to 10% higher than cooling operation. Ideal when sleeping with the air conditioner on.

Quiet Mode

The Quiet Mode reduces both indoor and outdoor unit operating sound. This function is especially convenient for operation near a sleeping baby and at night-time.

Soft Dry Operation Mode

Starts with cooling to dehumidify. Then provides continuous breeze at low frequency to keep room dry without much change in temperature.

Powerful Mode

Starts with cooling to dehumidify. Then provides continuous breeze at low frequency to keep room dry without much change in temperature.

Economy Mode

The Economy mode  reduces energy consumption by up to 20%* compared to the Normal mode by automatically adjusting the set temperature by up to 2ºC. It’s ideal when you want to maintain room temperature for gentle cooling and heating.

* Panasonic figures, at an outside temperature of DB35ºC/WB24ºC and set temperature of 25ºC (Cooling operation)

Advanced+ e-ion Air Purifying System

e-ions are released to catch dust particles and deactivate bacteria and viruses. The positively-charged filter attracts dust particles to thoroughly clean the room.

Patrol Sensor

Air is monitored both during air conditioner operation and when it’s switched off. When dirt is detected, the air purifying function is started to immediately clean the air in the room.

Odour Removing Function

With this function, there's no unpleasant odour when the uni t star ts up. That 's because the fan remains off momentarily, while the source of the odour inside the air conditioner is suppressed.

The unit must be in cool or dry mode and the fan speed must be set to automatic.

Air Purifying Filter

The Air Purifying Filter combines three effects in one — anti-allergen, anti-virus, and anti-bacteria protection — to keep room air clean and healthful.

Blue Fin Condenser

Condensers can take a beating from exposure to salty air, rain and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has tripled the life of our condensers with an original anti-rust coating.

Random Auto Restart

All models are now safe to operate without a starter. With the exclusive Random Auto Restart feature, the air conditioners automatically restart after power failure. Its 32 different recovery-timing patterns ensure that air conditioners in the same building resume one after another instead of all at the same time. This feature helps prevent power surges after a blackout.

Self-Diagnostic Function

Should a malfunction occur, the unit diagnoses the problem and shows the corresponding alphanumeric code. This allows quicker servicing.

Long Piping

The basic piping can be extended, allowing the outdoor unit to be installed further away from the indoor unit and providing greater installation flexibility.

Top-Panel Maintenance Access

Maintenance of the outdoor unit used to be quite a tedious chore, especially when the unit was installed on a narrow balcony or attached to the outer wall of a high-rise building.